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Outdoor ice rinks update-Jan. 22

Jan 04, 2018 : Posted in Latest News

Weather-permitting, there are three outdoor skating rinks maintained by Town staff.
All outdoor rinks are unsupervised and may be closed without notice due to unsafe or poor weather conditions.

  • Beeton Community Park, South Diamond, 72 Prospect St., Beeton
    Status: Closed due to weather.
  • Covered Outdoor Rink, Tottenham Community and Fitness Centre, 139 Queen Street North, Tottenham Status: Closed due to the weather.
  • Riverdale Park, Doner Diamond
    237 Fletcher Cres., Alliston Status: Closed due to weather.

The outdoor covered rink in Tottenham is equipped with a cement pad and boards and has a refrigeration system that helps speed the natural freezing process and slows the thawing process. The Tottenham rink is currently closed.

The other two outdoor rinks (at the Beeton Community Park, South Diamond and Riverdale Park, Doner Diamond in Alliston) utilize existing ground surface at ball diamonds and currently remain closed. There is no cement pad underneath and there are no boards. These ice surfaces are “flooded” and require temperatures that are at least -10 degrees for several consecutive days to allow the water used through the “flooding/resurfacing” process to freeze. The ground must be frozen, and the temperature must be below freezing. With the recent fluctuating temperatures, we have been experiencing, the outdoor ice surface melted so we need double digit temperatures below 0 for many days before we can work to rebuild the ice surface.

There is a lot of work and effort that goes into the outdoor rinks and our staff are committed to trying to maintain the ice in different weather conditions – when possible – and in addition to regular snow and ice control maintenance duties throughout the Town. However, in the absence of consistently cold temperatures, it is not possible to maintain solid ice as temperatures rise. And, unfortunately, when we cannot maintain the ice to allow for safe and enjoyable skating conditions, they must be closed. We appreciate your understanding and your patience.