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Community Improvement Plan

The Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham Downtowns – Community Improvement Plan (CIP) provides grants to eligible property owners in each of the three commercial downtown cores of Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham. These grants assist with the costs of restoration and/or refurbishment of the commercial storefront facades, exterior side street elevations and/or rear elevations facing the Boyne River, in the context of an historical building conservation strategy.

The CIP also provides grants for certain upgrades to buildings to provide better compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the replacement or improvement of signage, related application fees submitted under the Planning Act and the Building Code Act, cash-in-lieu of parkland dedication, and reimbursement of certain expenses related to increased property assessment resulting from these related building improvements.

The overall intent of the CIP is to assist with an enhancement of the visual appearance of the commercial cores in order to help strengthen their long-term economic viability. If you are a downtown business or property owner considering an investment in new signage or building facade improvement, please contact the Planning and Development (705-435-3900 ext 1301).