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Official Plan

The Official Plan is now under review! Please go to newtecumseth.ca/opr for more information.

A number of Official Plan Amendments (OPA’s) have been approved since 1999. Some amendments have been significant. It is therefore advisable to consult with Planning Department staff prior to relying on the provisions in this copy.

Some information contained in the Official Plan may have been updated and other policies of the Town may also be of interest.
Please contact the Planning Department to discuss any specific considerations.

Schedule A (PDF)
Schedule B1 (PDF)
Schedule B2 (PDF)
Schedule B3 (PDF)
Schedule C1 (PDF)
Schedule C2 (PDF)
Schedule C3 (PDF)
Schedule D1 (PDF)
Schedule D2 (PDF)
Schedule D3 (PDF)
Schedule D4 (PDF)
Schedule D5 (PDF)
Schedule E1 (PDF)
Schedule E2 (PDF)

Belterra Estates Secondary Plan as adopted by Council June 2, 2003 and Approved and Modified by the Ontario Municipal Board Decision dated August 12, 2009.

As adopted by Council Oct. 20 2003, with modifications by County of Simcoe Nov. 22, 2005 and modified and approved by the OMB on June 26, 2007

OPA#29 Appendix # 1 (PDF)
OPA#29 Appendix # 2 (PDF)
OPA#29 Appendix # 3 (PDF)
OPA#29 Appendix # 4 (PDF)
OPA#29 Schedule # 1 (PDF)
OPA#29 Schedule # 2 (PDF)
OPA#29 Schedule # 3 (PDF)

Provides a long range plan for a modest urban expansion to the Community of Beeton and provides for related phased and moderate growth to year 2031. OPA No. 31 was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) on November 13, 2007.