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Urban Commercial Core Parking Study

Final Draft

The Town of New Tecumseth retained Cansult Limited, in conjunction with DSorbara Parking & Systems Consulting, to undertake the Town of New Tecumseth Urban Commercial Core Parking Study (the terms of reference for the study area attached as Appendix 1). The purpose of the study is as follows:

  1. to determine the long-term parking requirements of the commercial core areas of Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham;
  2. to develop a comprehensive parking strategy to guide future decision making for each of the commercial core areas;
  3. to evaluate policy alternatives including but not limited to a cash-in-lieu of parking policy;
  4. to determine how the long-term parking requirements for the three commercial core areas are to be addressed; and
  5. to review the existing parking standard provisions in the zoning By-law and recommend amendments as determined appropriate to provide for the long-term parking requirements.

The Town’s objective is to ensure that an adequate parking supply is provided in each of the urban commercial core areas to encourage healthy and vibrant downtown areas and ensure their long-term viability.