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Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan 2017
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Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan 2017

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Parks, Recreation & Culture Department
705-435-3900 x1503 or
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On Monday, January 29th, 2018, Council approved the Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) Master Plan.

A Draft Consultation PRC Master Plan was presented for Council’s consideration at their Committee of the Whole meeting on November 13th, 2017 and ratified at their Council meeting dated November 27, 2017.

Members of Council, stakeholders and the general public were asked to review the draft PRC Master Plan between November 28 and December 15, 2017 and provide further written comment. All comments were considered by Colliers Project Leaders and the Technical Advisory Committee.

Community Engagement

Resident, Community Group, and stakeholder engagement is essential to the research phase of developing the plan. The consultation included:

  • An online survey with feedback from over 850 surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Public Open House
  • Presentations to Council
  • Community group, Council and Staff interviews
  • Circulation of the draft  PRC Master Plan for review and further public comment
  • Presentation and approval of finalized plan to Council

What does the PRC Master Plan mean for Residents?

The PRC Master Plan will align the department’s activities with the Town’s Strategic Plan, as well as other plans and guiding documents, and will:

  • provide short-term and medium/long term recommendations to assist in setting priorities for service delivery;
  • be based on input from the community received through interviews and focus groups with stakeholders, public survey information, discussions with staff, interviews with Council, Committees and Task Forces, and feedback from the public at an Open House;
  • provide recommendations for actions needed to fill parks, recreation and culture gaps, and assist in managing future growth.

In its alignment with the Strategic Plan, the PRC Master Plan will respect the identity of 3 distinct communities in New Tecumseth, while considering priorities and future planning for the entire community.

Next Steps

The PRC Master Plan is the result of a comprehensive review of the entire scope of the Parks, Recreation & Culture department and includes recommendations covering most aspects of that scope.

Some recommendations can be implemented by staff, others will require Council allocation of funds and still others may require Council approval of policies. Several recommendations imply working in cooperation with various partners and/or stakeholders, which may also take time to develop and implement.

Before bringing specific recommendations for Council approval, staff will analyze the recommendations of the PRC Master Plan, conduct further study as required, and consider any changes in the social, financial, cultural, and economic context that could not be foreseen when this document was prepared. This approach allows the PRC Master Plan to give an overarching direction while ensuring that the details of implementation are properly considered at the time they are implemented.

The Plan also includes recommendations for an annual review process to align with budget preparation and Business Plan development. The annual review will also allow for adjustment in the timing of the recommendations if required.

Thank You!

The Town of New Tecumseth would like to thank everyone who contributed the PRC Master Plan by attending public meetings and focus groups, submitting comments, and providing input.  Your contributions to Parks, Recreation and Culture in the Town of New Tecumseth are sincerely appreciated.


For more information:

Phone:  705-435-3900 OR 905-729-0057  ext. 1503