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Water Conservation

Who to Contact:

Lisa McGuire
Compliance Technician
705-435-3900 x1432 or
905-729-0057 x1432

Low Flush Toilet & Rain Barrel Rebate Program

  • Receive a $50 rebate when you replace your old toilet with an EcoEnergy Eligible Toilet
  • Receive up to 50%, to a maximum of $50, when you purchase a rain barrel.

Your toilet uses the most water in your home.  By installing an ecoEnergy low flush toilet you will help the environment by reducing water consumption and save money on your water bill.


You are eligible for a low flush toilet or rain barrel rebate, if you:

Own or rent a single-family or multi-family home in the Town of New Tecumseth

Single-family homes include:
Single detached houses
Semi-detached houses
Multiplex units
Individual townhouses
Multiple-family homes include:
Condominium buildings
Apartment buildings
Condominium townhouse complexes
Co-operative townhouse complexes or
Apartment buildings

Click on the appropriate link to apply for the Rebates

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