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Municipal Consent

Who to Contact:

Engineering Department

705-435-3900 x1314 or
905-729-0057 x1314

A Municipal Consent is the authorization for a utility company to occupy a specific location within the Towns rights-of-way.  The Town has standard alignments and corridors to avoid conflicts in the planning of projects occupying the Towns rights-of-way and to minimize the impact of proposed work on the adjacent infrastructure. Municipal Consents are only issued to utility companies, commissions, agencies and private applicants who have the authority to construct, operate and maintain their infrastructure within the right-of-way as established through legislation, a Municipal Access Agreement (MAA) or a Franchise Agreement.

When do I need a Municipal Consent?

All utility work, with a few exceptions, within rights-of-way requires Municipal Consent (MC) from the Town and a Road Occupancy Permit (ROP) from the Public Works Department with the exception of Emergency Works. An ROP for utility works will not be granted until MC is granted by the Town.

How do I apply?

  1. Applications for Municipal Consent must be sent to:Attention; Engineering Department
    10 Wellington Street East
    Alliston ON L9R1A1
  2. An application for a Municipal Consent shall be made in the name of the Utility to be installed,
    not in the name of an agent of said Utility.
  3. Other information may be requested in order to process an application.
  4. The application may be forwarded to additional staff for review.

How  much does a Municipal Consent cost?

Currently there are no fees associated with Municipal Consent.

How long is the Municipal Consent valid?

An approved Municipal Consent is valid for a one year period from the date of issuance.  If the work is not completed in its entirety within the one year period, the Applicant must reapply for consent to locate the remaining work within the right-of-way.