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Town Administration Centre
10 Wellington St. E., Alliston, ON L9R 1A1

705-435-3900 or 905-729-0057

Office of the CAO

Email: Fax: 705-435-1989
Chief Administrative Officer
Executive Assistant to the CAO
Blaine Parkin
Cheri Moore
EXT. 1223
EXT. 1249

Infrastructure & Development

Email: Fax: 705-435-2873
General Manager of Infrastructure & Development
Administrative Assistant
Khurram Tunio
Maria Campbell
EXT. 1223
EXT. 1250

Corporate Services

Email: Fax: 705-435-2873
General Manager of Corporate Services/CFO Lori Bedford EXT. 1259

Clerk / Administration Services

Email: Fax: 705-435-2873
Town Clerk/Director of Administration Services
Deputy Clerk
Cindy Maher
Barbara Kane
EXT. 1226
EXT. 1306


Email: Fax: 705-435-2873
Treasurer, Director of Finance Mark Sirr EXT. 1304

Human Resources

Email: Fax: 705-435-5706
Director of Human Resources
Human Resources Coordinator
Pavlina Thompson
Julie Crane
EXT. 1247
EXT. 1262

Planning & Development

Email: Fax: 705-435-0407
Director of Planning & Development
Clerical Assistant
Bruce Hoppe
Leah Armstrong
EXT. 1237
EXT. 1301

Building Standards

Email: Fax: 705-435-1689
Manager of Building Standards/Chief Building Official
Building Clerk
Tim Gibson
Alisha Caruso
EXT. 1245
EXT. 1289


Email: Fax: 705-435-0407
Director of Engineering
Clerical Assistant
Rick Vatri
Leah Armstrong
EXT. 1253
EXT. 1301

Joint Operations Centre
705-435-3900 or 905-729-0057

Emergency Services

Email: Fax: 905-729-1266
Fire Chief / Director of Emergency Services
Deputy Fire Chief
Dan Heydon
Shawn Sweeney
Elaine Canzio
EXT. 1436
EXT. 1435
EXT. 1425

Public Works

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Fax: 905-729-1271
Director of Public Works Chad Horan
Customer Service
EXT. 1433
EXT. 1400

Parks, Recreation & Culture

Click here for After Hours Assistance
Fax: 905-729-1266
Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture
Administrative Assistant
Patrick D’Almada
Heather Reid
EXT. 1440
EXT. 1503