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Kennel Licensing

New Applications:

  • The property must be zoned “Agricultural (A1)” and a minimum of 2.02 hectares (5 acres).
  • An initial application fee of $200.00 is required which is refundable in the event the application is refused.
  • The applicant must supply the Town with a copy of a Criminal Record Check with respect to any convictions of cruelty to animals. No person shall be granted a kennel license if he/she has been convicted under Section 446 of the Criminal Code of Canada pertaining to animal cruelty.
  • The applicant must submit all plans, including future plans, on a site plan for review by the Clerk.
  • The kennel building and its location must conform to the applicable zoning by-laws and the Ontario Building Code.

General Info:

  • The Kennel shall be inspected twice annually and shall be assessed based on the evaluation form attached as Schedule “B” to the Kennel By-law.
  • If the Kennel is found not to meet the minimum standards as set out in Schedule “B to the Kennel By-law, the Town Clerk will to give written notice to the owner of the Kennel of any deficiencies and allow up to thirty (30) days for compliance before giving notice to the Humane Society. Further non-compliance may result in the revocation of the Kennel License.
  • Kennel Licenses expire on the 31st day of December
  • The Kennel owner/operator shall pay an annual license fee effective of:

$250.00 – on or before March 31
$125.00 – on or before March 31 (seniors 65+)
$300.00 – after March 31

  • Kennels that are licensed by the Town of New Tecumseth on the date of passage of this by-law (June 23, 2008) are exempt from the provisions of Section 2.1 (minimum requirement of 2.02 hectares) of the Kennel By-law. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 2.1, existing kennels legally operating as of the day of passage of this by-law may continue to operate and expand on the property on which they are located.
  • Kennel By-Law (PDF)
  • Kennel Licence Application Form (PDF)