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Livestock Claims

Who to Contact:

Vanessa McCreight
Municipal Law Enforcement & Licensing Coordinator
705-435-3900 x1225 or
905-729-0057 x1225

The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program provides financial assistance to producers whose livestock, poultry and honey bees have been damaged by wildlife. The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program is part of Growing Forward, a federal, provincial and territorial initiative.

Livestock Claims for within New Tecumseth can be processed through the Town of New Tecumseth Town Office.

To be eligible for compensation, a producer must:

  • Be a sole proprietor, corporation, partnership or unincorporated association;
  • Have a valid Farm Business Registration number (FBR) or approved documentation issued by the ministry for new/retired farmers that do not qualify for an FBR number, or have a religious exemption approved by the Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal or a confirmation letter provided by the Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario;
  • Have a Premises Identification number or a confirmation letter provided by the Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario, unless a Premises Identification number is not available in that particular area;
  • The weight of poultry injured or killed must be more than 25 kilograms;
  • Must demonstrate to the valuer that reasonable effort has been taken to prevent incidences of wildlife damage to livestock, poultry, beehives, bee colonies or beehive related equipment to be eligible for a claim;
  • Apply for compensation under the program using the application form;
  • Be in compliance with and remain in compliance with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws; and
  • Fully cooperate in any audits that may be initiated in relation to any compensation the applicant receives under the program.

The program provides 100 per cent of the value of the loss up to the prescribed maximum compensation values.

For more information, please contact the Town or goto www.omafra.gov.on.ca